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Start an Active Life


Hi. I am Christina. I love living in Sonoma County because of the beautiful landscape and convenient access to enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy simple activities like walking, and bike riding. I am steadfast in pursuing an active lifestyle. To achieve physical activity for my lifetime I realized consistency is key, and slow, but steady are also key. These truths lead to the concept of Starting Line.


You do not need to spend hours on a treadmill, or run marathons to lead an active lifestyle. You only need to find something you enjoy doing everyday that requires you to move your body. Starting Line is a place to break a sedentary lifestyle, and start an active one. We will walk together, talk together, and encourage step at a time.


Joining Starting Line means you have decided to take responsibility for your health. Your job is to show up, our job is to help keep you coming back!  We are committed to you, and making the time you spend with us encouraging, fun, and convenient! 

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What to Expect

Each session begins with a 30 minute walk, and is concluded with an optional 15 minute body weight resistance workout. Join as many sessions as you choose.


All routes are outdoors along public trails and are changed weekly. 


We keep you encouraged with fun weekly challenges. 


Sessions are offered both morning and evening Tuesday through Friday.


Special Events & Activities

We want the steps you are taking towards ultimate health to be fun and socially engaging. That is why, once a month, members are invited to experience other ways to sustain and enjoy an active lifestyle. Starting Line provides this by teaming up with other local businesses who are integral  resources of health and recreation in our community.